Introducing QuikkSeal™ Fitting Covers

The industry’s first self-sealing, vapor inhibiting insulation fitting cover

 QuikkSeal’s easy installation will save you labor time and watch how its gasket seal creates a tight vapor barrier

Until now, in order to provide the necessary level of vapor barrier protection, installers had to apply a tape or adhesive coating over fitting covers in order to close any air gaps and achieve successful vapor barrier results.  No more!

Real Case Study

“Faster to Install, Neater Appearance”

The new design of elbow coverings used by your firm to insulate the lines in our plant proved to be faster to install, and supply a neater appearance when complete when compared to the elbow coverings done by other contractors. I plan to specify these covers in the future.

Christian W Wagner

Vice President of Facilities Engineering,The Okonite Company

With CWF QuikkSeal™, you get a superior result the first time, every time.

5check  Save on labor costs while increasing profits
5check  Increase total daily installation production rate by 67% or more
5check  No sealing steps required so less experienced workmen can install
5check  More reliable barrier due to blind installation capability
5check  Cleaner finished appearance
5check  Gasket material is protected from environmental exposure