Success Stories

We’re really proud of the QuikkSeal™ chilled water fitting covers and happy to share these raves from some of our clients:

The Okonite Company

“I plan to specify these covers in the future”

The new design of elbow coverings used by your firm to insulate the lines in our plant proved to be faster to install, and supply a neater appearance when complete when compared to the elbow coverings done by other contractors. I plan to specify these covers in the future.

Christian W. Wagner

VP of Facilities Engineering

Dramatic Results!

Chilled Water Fittings audited  two identical insulation projects

Greenbrier Condos 001     Greenbrier Condos 002

Building 1 using standard fittings and
Building 2 using our Quickkseal™ fittings
Results:  The Quikkseal™ project was completed 4-1/2 days faster

Quikkseal™ material cost an additional $ 281.00 for a
return on investment of  348 %

Greenbrier Condos

“ROI of 348% and 4.5 days faster in identical installations”

I was skeptical but am now an advocate and will use on all jobs going forward.

John Barker, President

MIDCO, Inc.,  Waltham, MA

Greenbrier Condos 3

This is another job that will realize a 350% ROI by using Quikkseal™ fittings.

This is a current job for a world class company, IPG Photonics,
in Marlboro, MA.

IPG Photonics 1 IPG Photonics 1aIPG-Photonics-2aIPG Photonics 3b 

Our products are being installed in a ceiling plenum, so the ASTM E 96 25/50 flame smoke spread classification was important to the engineers.

Our latest installation project:
Assembly Row in Sommerville, MA

Assembly Row retail new construction

QuikkSeal™ fittings will be installed by @RayOsborne of Superior Plumbing. This is a 768,000 SF/447 unit new construction high-rise/low-rise 7 story precast garage, 2.7 acre site, ground floor retail at Assembly Row in Somerville.